Technician Job Description

General Service Technician

Are you a technician who is...

·        Honest

·        Teachable

·        Adaptable

·        Productive

·        A good Problem solver

·        Lifelong learner

·        A Team player

·        Persistent

·        Resourceful

·        Safety conscious

If so, you may be a great addition to our team!


- Fix and repair vehicles right the first time and in a timely manner.

- Perform vehicle inspections to inform the customer of needed repairs so they drive safe and reliable vehicles.

  • Notify Service Advisor of any conditions that would require more time to complete the job (rust, mud, etc)

- Perform repairs in the order set by the Service Advisor in accordance with the shop's Workflow System.

- When parts arrive, inspect them to make sure they are the correct parts.

- When repairs are completed include all notes on the Repair Order and return it to the Service Advisor.

- Maintain a clean and orderly bay.

- Ensure all shop equipment and tools are wiped down and put away.

Assist other technicians as needed.

Continuously improve your skills and advance your training to stay current with new automotive technology.

We expect our technicians to diagnose and fix customer vehicles right the first time, and to do it under book time.

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