Your Hudson Repair Shop in Richmond, VA


Hudson automobiles were made by Hudson Motor Car Company from 1909 to 1954 and are a work of art in design and luxury.  The distinctive look of these vintage cars are beauties to behold.  If you are fortunate enough to own a Hudson, let the experts at Turner's Auto Service restore it to its original glory and luster.

When your Hudson vehicle needs repairs (even with routine maintenance repairs are inevitable), you can trust Turner's Auto Service to fix problems correctly and on time. We will give you a complete estimate of what needs to be done right away and issues that can be addressed in the future. Our technicians will never perform any work that you don’t authorize first. When you come to pick up your Hudson, you’ll drive away in a safe, reliable, well-running vehicle.

At Turner's Auto Service, you can trust that your Hudson vehicle will be in certified, experienced hands. We guarantee to get you back on the road—and back to your life—as soon as possible!

Call Turner's Auto Service for Hudson Repair & Maintenance

When your Hudson needs repairs or maintenance, call Turner's Auto Service in Richmond, VA. We’ll work to get you back on the road quickly with minimal hassles and headaches.